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A RED AUTUMN WIND: A Novel (More information coming soon)




Daisuke, a samurai in the service of a godlike sovereign, a man of mercy whose conflicting oaths threaten to turn his blade upon the one he most loves.


Hisashi, the young lord of a fallen clan, whose zealous hate spreads like a stain through the hearts of his people as he fights to avenge their affliction.


Mika, a girl who walks in darkness, but whose secret heart may be the last hope for light in a desperate time.


A Red Autumn Wind is a tale of courage and beauty, love and atrocity, inspired by the world and lore of feudal Japan.  It tells the story of two brothers, separated during childhood, who fall on opposite sides of a violent rebellion, one standing with the reigning sovereign to defend a peace that has lasted for a hundred years, the other falling in with a terrorist cell led by the charismatic young zealot, Kuroda Hisashi.  Discovering each other at the heart of the storm, these two samurai find all their convictions and notions of brotherhood tested in a crucible of fire, in a conflict that ignites the world from the lowest city gutters to the highest courts of power.  As the world is rent apart like leaves in an autumn gale, honor, humanity, and love itself must survive their ultimate trial.

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